Survival manual in times of crisis

Grupo de Psicólogos Evangélicos

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. Everything around us is generating chaos, sadness, sickness, and death. Information overload and misinformation aren’t helping at all, and sometimes even among ourselves we’re not capable of saying the right words at the right time. We seem to be too superficial and lacking in discernment to know how to walk with others during this time.

As human beings, we Christians are not exempt from experiencing all these things as well as a certain level of frustration, doubt, or fear. The shadow of death has become more tangible and closer than ever, and it scares us. Jesus Himself experienced many of these terrible feelings during His time on earth. Nevertheless, He Himself shows us that we can and should learn to live differently in the middle of a crisis: in a way that allows us to grow and go deeper in our faith in God, in whom we trust for salvation and who is in control of every situation (even this one!) and who, moreover, helps us show the world that this different lifestyle is due to Christ in us.

As you can see, this is a supernatural work that only the Holy Spirit is able to do. But in His mercy He helps us to care for each other, to comfort each other when we are hurting, to be with each other in difficulty, and walk with each other as we press on toward the goal.


rom the Group of Evangelical Psychologists (GPE), we’ve had the privilege of reflecting together on some practical ways to do these things based on the Word of God and the knowledge supplied to us by our professional field. This guide is NOT an addendum to the Word of God nor is it an essential complement to it. It simply gives some practical suggestions for how to put into action what the Word itself shows us, whilst keeping in mind what the study of human behavior suggests for us today. None of these recommendations is a substitute for a close, intimate relationship with the Lord or for the guidance of His Word. As in all things, and as every Christian always ought to do with anything they read, we propose that you examine everything and keep what is good, reflect on what is happening around you, and seek the Lord in everything.

As a result, the material you have in your hands is intended to be a tool to help you in complex situations. Nothing more, but nothing less. Right now, we’re going through this terrible crisis unleashed by COVID-19, but tomorrow we could be in any situation terrifying enough to awaken even darker fears and feelings. In the end, life is a succession of crises that is beautiful but painful. We believe what you will find in these pages will help you to stay strong in the hardest moments, no matter the cause.

It’s time to take a step back, to think, to remember, to meditate, to understand and strengthen our faith in the God who rules the times. It’s time to appropriately use each and every one of the resources that God Himself has put within our reach: from the fields of medicine, engineering, education, journalism, or politics, even the study of human behavior implied by psychology—all of it linked with and subject to the Word that brings light to our lives and shows us the path to follow in the darkest moments.

God is in control, and He is good all the time.

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